Legendary Chess Careers bundle

The first 6 books of the Legendary Chess Careers series in one bundle

85.00 EUR

Csaba Balogh - Greatest 551 Puzzles

From practical games of 2016

19.95 EUR

Nikola Sedlak - Winning with the Modern London System

A complete opening repertoire for White against 1.d4 d5

24.95 EUR

Djakhangir Agaragimov - Pearls of Azerbaijan

The official chess book of the 42nd Chess Olympiad, Baku 2016

19.95 EUR

Best of 2012-2015 bundle

The complete "Best of 2012-2015" series in one bundle

99.95 EUR

Tibor Károlyi - Jan Timman

Legendary Chess Careers

19.95 EUR

Puzzle bundle

The 4 puzzle books of Csaba Balogh in one bundle

59.95 EUR

The Slav bundle

The Complete Slav I and II in one bundle.

39.95 EUR

Matthieu Cornette & Fabien Libiszewski - Dégainez la Kalachnikov

The French version of "The complete Kalashnikov"

22.95 EUR

CE Periodical bundle

The 9 Chess Evolution Periodical books in one bundle

99.99 EUR

Chess Evolution May 2011

Top analysis by Super GMs

15.95 EUR

Chess Evolution March 2011

Top analysis by Super GMs

15.95 EUR